Green Anantha Concept
Green Anantha is an initiative taken by the voluntary organization by name ANANTAPUR DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE(ADI) Anantapuram with an idea of the district a green Anantapuram.

Though the district was having good number of trees a few decades back the people at rural areas and also the persons staying near the forest and hill areas have cut the trees indiscriminately for the purpose of constructing the houses and also the fire wood. This has resulted in reduction of greenery in the district and the rain fall has come down drastically in the last few decades. This is the cycling system where the rains do not fall unless trees are there and the trees will not grow unless rains are there. Now the ADI FOUNDATION has taken up the project called GREEN ANANTHA with a motive of growing more trees throughout the district with the help of the citizens of this district. Earlier even on the banks of the paddy fields and all the areas there were many trees available. The farmers are under the impression that if they grow trees on the banks of trees fields the output of the crop may come down due to the shades of the trees. Now we have taken an initiative to educate the farmers to grow trees in the fields also. The government has larged a project of growing tamarind trees in some villages.

It is planned to plant a minimum of a million trees throughout the districts to attract the clouds and to have sufficient rain fall. The average rain fall as on date, which about 540mm per annum as to go up to a minimum of 750mm so that about 49 major tanks in the district will be full with rain water and thus recharging the bores nearby.

We also would like to involve the students of various colleges in the district to plant trees and also take the responsibility of protecting them till trees find their own source of drawing the water from the earth. Each student will be given one or two plants on adoption the name of the student will be synonymous with name of the tree and even after 50 years the student can verify the tree planted by him, nourished by him and he can feel happy and inform the same to his children and grand children and make them to grow more number of trees.

We are very glad that all the governmental departments are extending their helping hand to make this project a grand success. We firmly believe that this type of projects will be successful only with the participation of all the person concerned. As this project envisaged in bringing the district as number one in Andhra Pradesh not only in alphabetical order but also in the development. This district being a major agrarian dependent we have launched this project in all the Rural Areas of the district.